I have a side project using heroku and I want to make a staging environment to test a big change i’m making before deploying it to production. Here’s the steps:

heroku create app-name-here --remote remote-name-here

You can run git remote to see the new remote that’s added:

$ git remote

Tired of checking your PR for which files to run against?

git diff --diff-filter=AM --name-only master... | grep _spec | xargs -n1 bundle exec rspec# Broken down # Get all files that are different on this branch compared to master, that have been added or modified (this is what --diff-filter=AM ensures). We don't want to run spec files that have…

I’m trying to learn more about APIs and quite frankly I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed about where on earth to start.

I’m someone who likes the big picture before narrowing in on something specific, so while I’ve been recommended to start learning more about REST (which is the most…

Rob Faldo

Ruby Engineer @ Simply Business

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